248 Area Code Virtual Phone Number

Michigan contains the areacode 248. It covers 694.830 phone numbers, according to Intelius. Rochester is the largest city in this area. You have received a phone call from someone with a 248-area code. Intelius can provide a report. This will include the number and carrier along with the owner's names, addresses, and ages.


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A code finder that gives you detailed information on 248 zip codes, 248 code map options, and more.

Similarly 248 area code Michigan city serves within the united states.

Zone Code 248 Detail

252 area code it’s an area code telephone number of United States Country. 248, the Oakland County's area code, Michigan borders Detroit is 248. This area code was established in 1997, following an area number 810 split. Below are details about 248, including its location.

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Michigan phone numbers

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